We commit ourselves to making sure that all of your dental needs are met and that you feel satisfied with your dental experience. We strive to better serve you and your specific needs through affordability, comfort, and professionalism. As your local Citrus County Dentist, Dr. Richard Swanson welcomes new patients and we try our very best to limit the wait time during your visit. This also applies to emergency patients, as we know there is nothing worse than being in pain and unable to be treated for days or even weeks. Dr. Swanson assures his availability and a flexible schedule so that every attempt will be made to see you within 24 hours. Additionally, we understand that dental work can be confusing and costly and that having a second opinion can aide in your comfort and commitment to a treatment. Dr. Swanson provides a second consult, free of charge, at the office. We ask that you bring up-to-date x-rays from your previous dentist if you have them. If you cannot provide them, we would be happy to take x-rays here in the office for a fee. X-rays are a vital part of accurate diagnosis.