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Lynn Swanson, M.S., A.R.N.P.


MY PHILOSOPHY: Administering Botox® is an art that requires the discerning eye, knowledge, and skills of an experienced practitioner who understands both the health and beauty aspects behind the treatment. Every patient is unique. There is beauty in every individual. I believe the purpose of Botox® is to enhance the natural beauty inherent in each individual and to maximize a more youthful appearance.

WHY BOTOX®:Botox® offers instant gratification to those who undergo treatment to improve the physical attractiveness and shapeliness of their face. Botox® not only helps to diminish wrinkles, but it can also be utilized to aid in wrinkle prevention as well. Finally, Botox® is temporary. This makes it a great option for those not ready to commit to more permanent solutions.

HOW I WORK: Patient comfort is of utmost importance at Skin Innovations Spa, which meets the standards of the International Spa Association. At Skin Innovations Spa, patients are treated in state-of-the art treatment chairs equipped with massage and heat controls. After discussing with the patient the goals they hope to achieve and areas they hope to improve, I carefully evaluate and map their unique facial structure. Subsequently, a customized artistic treatment plan is created with recommendations that will help give the patient the natural results they desire. It is important to me that options are always discussed, and that treatment proceeds at a pace that the patient feels comfortable with, in a spa-like environment that is private, comfortable and soothing. It is, in fact, so relaxing that some patients have fallen asleep during treatment! This may be attributed to the soothing music, green-tea scented gloves, and aromatherapy also used to create the ultimate relaxing Botox® experience.

Lynn Swanson, M.S., A.R.N.P.

ABOUT LYNN SWANSON: Lynn Swanson is a licensed Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP). She attained a Master’s degree with honors in 1992 from the University of South Florida, and later received her specialty training at the American Academy of Facial Esthetics in Houston, Texas. Lynn Swanson, A.R.N.P., is also a member of the International Spa Association (ISPA). Lynn and her husband, Dr. Richard Swanson, have made their home and raised their three sons in Citrus County since 1992. Her interests include yoga, swimming, nutrition, skin care, composing music, kayaking and reading. She is also an accomplished pianist and guitarist.

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