What to expect

Your first visit will include a full dental examination, during which we will evaluate your oral health. If you do not have x-rays that are up to date, we will also take a set of x-rays so that we can properly diagnose any issues that cannot be seen by the naked eye. X-rays are useful for noting the condition of the jaw, sinuses, teeth, and tissue below the gum line. These images are crucial for providing comprehensive dental care that effectively addresses your specific needs.
Cleaning can often be done on the same day. Dr. Swanson and the hygienist will prescribe necessary treatment with completion of your x-ray and examination to optimize your dental health. Some patients receive a standard cleaning to thoroughly clean all surfaces of the teeth of plaque and other buildup, called a prophylaxis. Other patients however may require a more extensive treatment to address cavities, tooth pain, diseased gums, or other dental problems, which can be categorized as a full mouth debridement or periodontal disease.

  • Scaling & Root Planning
  • Fine Scale
  • Full Debridement
  • Prophylaxis
  • Periodontal Disease

If you have any questions regarding your dental appointment or treatment do not hesitate to call (352) 795-1223